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Showcasing leading brand product imagery through advanced 3D and CGI visualisation.

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Advanced visualisation with meticulous attention to detail.

In partnership with Lansinoh, a global leader in the mother and baby sector, we were tasked with aligning their product ranges' visual presentation to a redefined brand positioning.




3D/CGI Product Visualisation
Advanced Image Retouching
Digital Assets Creation
Product Imagery Art Direction
Creative Content Strategy
3D product visual of healthcare maternity product - twist view
Collection of Lansinoh maternity products visualised in 3D
3D product visualisation of a maternity pad content creation for Lansinoh
Lansinoh maternity pads in packaging visualised in 3D with creative retouching and postproduction
Nipple shields product photography - content creation for healthcare and maternity brand


The challenge was to create high-quality visuals that enhance brand perception and build consumer trust in a competitive retail environment for mother and baby products.

Given the brand’s global reach and presence in major retailers worldwide, the visuals needed to be not only appealing but also adaptable and informative.

Washable nursing pads product imagery for Lansinoh by Vibe Studio
Product imagery for maternity and healthcare brand – 3D product visualisation with creative retouching
Close-up visualisation of Lansinoh nursing pad
3D product visualisation for Lansinoh wet wipes - content creation by Vibe Studio


Our strategy focused on employing advanced visualization to produce imagery that is innovative and informative, highlighting product features and providing solutions throughout the product development and activation journey.

Detailed product views and innovative CGI were used to convey the practicality and superior quality of the products to a diverse audience. Insights have been applied to new range packaging concepts and strategies for imagery representation across multiple digital platforms.

Lansinoh lanolin cream tube 3D product visualisation
Organic nipple balm jar top view product visualisation
Lip balm tube 3D CGI product visualisation by Vibe
3D visualisation of Lansinoh organic massage oil tube
Lansinoh spray tube with active spray motion effect – product visualisation by Vibe
3D visualisation of health and beauty product. Lanoline lip balm, detail view
Realistic 3D visualisation of cream product


A unified visual solution was developed to cover the full product range across global markets, with market-specific adaptations and brand alignment at multiple stages and touchpoints.

This system ensures that product representation clearly communicates the brand message and values, meeting customer expectations effectively.


The strong visuals and imagery solutions provided have helped the brand maintain its strong market position, increasing impact on retail shelves and online platforms, and aiding internal brand and marketing teams in targeting the right audience.

Content creation for Lansinoh– 3D product visualisation – website product page for consumers and healthcare professionals
e-commerce website product pages mobile view. Product pages, custom integration, highlighting UI and UX features

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