3 Essential things you should know about packaging design

Defining the personality of a new product has never been an easy task for brands that want to create a sustainable marketing strategy and define a product on the market.

Packaging design is one complex instrument that requires particular attention when it comes to brand identity and shelf impact.

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Prioritise for great visual design

Investing in a great packaging design will make your product stand out on the shelf. Out of hundreds of people passing by your product every day, the element of visibility has a primary importance in converting window shoppers into buyers.

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Target consumers the right way

When designing a product packaging you need to have your consumer front of mind. Is your product for children or for adults? The way a product looks and feels can make someone put your product in the basket or leave it on the shelf.

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Know why packaging design matters

We all know how much appearance and eye-catching visuals can help you influence the purchasing decision of your consumers. The aspect of usability and functionality are also the bottom line of successful product marketing. Planning a results-driven marketing mix around your product should have at least three main reasons to make you think more about your product packaging design:

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