What we do

Packaging design & product visualisation

When millions of people see your products, small packaging changes can make a big difference. It all started from the need of basic functionality where a pack was created to enclose or protect the product and it evolved, alongside the visual identity, until it became an important part of the brand. It is a prime and almost instantaneous method of interaction with the audience.

Packaging design strengthens shelf impact by offering the much needed space for the targeted information to reach the consumer. Product packaging needs to evolve in a creative, noise free and environmentally friendly way while sustaining its brand alignment and thus pleasantly surprising and educating its user.

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Motion and animation

Should printed media not offer enough for your campaign, our animation services come into place. This virtual environment has no limits in terms of scenarios and messages to be communicated. It is ideal for businesses that desire a high impact campaign. We at Vibe, understand the limitless possibilities that animation offers and know how to combine the right amount of video with CG animation, illustration and special effects to produce the best results. Suited for promos, advertising campaigns, web presentations and children’s character design, your animation project can be from start to finish highly creative and perfectly executed.

+ Interactive

With nowadays technology, the animation is not suited just for display as motion graphics films. It can be integrated into interactive environments such as mobile devices with touch input or websites for enhanced user experience. 3D graphics can be integrated into games or mobile apps that require user interaction.

+ CG animation

As specialists in highly accurate 3D visualisations, that are in many cases hard to discern from the real thing, we know how to capture the `feel` of every project. Each project it takes a different approach in terms of modelling, lighting and rendering to compose a seamless final image. A CG product visualisation is useful in any situation that requires a visual representation that cannot be suitably photographed or filmed in real life. The ability to produce ultra-realistic renders enables our clients to visualise different versions of their products from multiple camera angles. By using realistic lighting and reflections within a virtual scene gives us the ability to control the animation at any point, producing effects not possible through traditional means.
Combining audio, video, CG animation and post-production, we can create high definition advertising campaigns, used to highlight the exquisite products and services of our clients. 2D or 3D animation on multimedia platforms can be the ideal way to capture the essence of any product or service.


Personality and time are always among the evaluation criteria in regards to an established brand. Imagine the top 100 best global brands, and what they have in common: a clear voice. It is what distinguishes them from the competition. It is obvious that core ideas and values are defined from the initial business plans but only with time the company develops into becoming a brand. It is a matter of synthesizing the services and formulating the right ideas that will be assimilated by customers and transform them in fans. This is a goal for every company.

Vibe studio can formulate the right brand guidelines to ensure that your company benefits from the right attitude, style and behaviour. By keeping the communication consistent across all media channels your brand will be well-protected over time. This will ensure the customer association with the brand values and the successful development and placement of new products and services.


Advertising was for more than 100 years a marketing strategy with creative touches for the television commercial, full page print ad, radio ad and billboard. And it worked. But now, in today’s media landscape, with broadcast, cable, streaming, on tablets and smartphones, branded content, banners and apps, advertising must communicate and be sociable. It needs to serve the consumers needs and not just inform.

Vibe Studio is constantly evolving. Our capabilities are growing so we can encompass creative development across all media, digital video production, digital UX, digital publishing, design for print and advertising. Using our knowledge of various sectors, we study the target audience of our clients and are also aware of trends and innovation. Advertising campaigns are all about the product/service and the story behind it. We capture the brand essence and create for its needs. With high-impact, our advertising campaigns are designed for billboards, online display, video, radio and press and are aimed to show the benefits of any company, any product at all times.