Digital Transformation at Its Finest

Delivering a cutting-edge digital experience for a technology solutions partner.

Optimising Digital Presence for Enhanced Engagement

Crafting a bespoke digital experience.

We partnered with VCG to redefine their online presence, focusing on enhancing user interaction and backend manageability on a WordPress platform.

Our project scope covered everything from user experience design to technical SEO, ensuring a seamless and engaging digital experience that supports business objectives like lead generation and customer retention.




Web Design
Web Development
API Integrations
Performance Optimisation
Technical SEO
Website design and custom build – technology and connectivity provider – home page


The initiative aimed to transform the company’s website into a more engaging and navigable digital space, promoting new products and generating valuable business leads.

The need for a site that could effectively communicate with varied stakeholders drove us to develop a tailored architecture that supports user engagement at every touchpoint.


Led by a comprehensive user experience exercise, our strategy was to create intuitive UX journeys that drive traffic and foster interactions with strategic CTAs and dynamic content.

The information architecture was meticulously planned to ensure easy navigation, helping users find the necessary information quickly and efficiently, enhancing user satisfaction and interaction.

Multiple screens – new website platform development – UI / UX elements – user journey - by Vibe
UI/UX - User Interface and user experience design process highlighting button elements – by Vibe Studio
Card block design - User Interface and user experience design process – by Vibe | brand: VCG


We redesigned the site’s architecture to be both modern and flexible, utilising WordPress to its fullest to accommodate a blend of insightful articles, promotional events, and product showcases.

Significant enhancements included integrating HubSpot forms, custom video players, and developing a visual identity that is consistent across all digital touchpoints.


By delivering a streamlined user experience, we helped VCG, a leader in digital transformation solutions, enhance their platform's effectiveness. This project marks a significant advancement in their ability to demonstrate their own capabilities in transforming digital landscapes for their clients.

Web Design and custom build for VCG’s connectivity landing page, UI / UX, navigation and interaction features
Multiple mobile views of VCG’s connectivity pages, displaying UI/UX elements such as cards, icons, and CTAs