Creative Retouching for Plymouth Gin

Enhancing product imagery with post-production and retouching.

Refined Visuals for Iconic Spirits

Advanced retouching for impactful brand imagery.

Plymouth Gin, a renowned name in the spirits industry, partnered with Barry Makariou for a series of complex studio shots.

Our task was to build on the already strong imagery provided by Barry Makariou, a leading UK photographer known for their exceptional liquid photography skills, developed through collaborations with renowned global brands.


Plymouth Gin


Post Production
Advanced Retouching


Barry Makariou
Plymouth Gin bottle showcasing high-end product imagery for advertising

Transforming Brand Visuals


The brief called for refining the bottle definition, improving reflections, and adding elements that would highlight the product's premium quality.

There was an opportunity to enhance the background, ensuring the honey tones were deep and vibrant, creating a visually captivating image for advertising materials.


Our strategy centred on meticulous retouching to match the studio lighting and achieve a realistic appearance for the added label and refined bottle elements.

We aimed to create a cohesive and striking visual that would be versatile enough for use in both digital and print media, ensuring consistency across all advertising formats.

Spirits bottle with advanced retouching on honey background for advertising
High-end retouching of spirits bottle for product advertising