Rolex Watch under yellow neon light – showcasing advanced post production and 3D/CGI neon light effects

Brighten the Hours with CGI

Magazine covers crafted through creative CGI and post-production for Men's Health Synchronised.

Visual Storytelling in Bold Colours

Timepieces showcased in an impactful neon lighting environment.

Vibe was commissioned to deliver a series of CG-infused images and creative retouching for Synchronised—Men’s Health special edition magazine. Our task was to enhance the visual storytelling of high-end watches, as photographed by Barry Makariou, through bespoke creative compositions made out of neon light shapes.

Throughout production, we utilised our expertise to model and light photorealistic neon lights with vibrant neon colours treatment, seamlessly integrating these elements with photography to create distinctive covers for the December campaign.


Men's Health


3D / CGI
Advanced Creative Retouching
Post Production


Photography - Barry Makariou
Creative Director - Declan Fahy
Style Director - Eric Down
Covers of Synchronised—Men’s Health special edition magazines - 3D/CGI - visualisation agency UK


The project called for high-quality visuals that would not only highlight the products but also captivate Men’s Health readers.

By blending traditional photography with CGI, we aimed to deliver compelling visual narratives that engage and inspire.


Our approach centred on creating a complex 3D lighting environment to emulate the dynamic and vibrant effect of neon lights, enhancing the intrinsic qualities of each featured watch.

Collaborating closely with photographer Barry Makariou and Men's Health creative directors, we ensured that each magazine cover would stand out on shelves, drawing immediate attention and engaging the magazine’s audience.

Making of 3D/CGI visuals - clay view next to final render, showcasing the creative process in Blender 3D
3D visual clay view during the making of watch visuals, made with Blender 3D for Men’s Health magazine covers
Making of 3D visuals for Men’s Health magazine covers - product with neon lights using Blender 3D
Behind the scenes - 3D visualisation process - clay view of a watch and neon tubes in Blender 3D
Making of magazine covers lights setup, neon tubes, watch placeholder – clay view using Blender 3D


We crafted a series of fully integrated CG images, where photorealistic neon lights were meticulously modelled and lit to complement each watch’s unique design.

The final covers were the result of multiple stages of creative retouching, ensuring that the integration of CG and photography was flawless and impactful.

Creative retouching and post production Rolex Watch image enhanced with 3D/CGI neon light effects for Men’s Health magazine
Breitling Watch under neon light – magazine cover image – creative content production - 3D/CGI and post production
Tissot Watch displayed with dynamic shapes and neon lighting effects in 3D/CGI for magazine feature
Longines Watch illuminated by neon lights, a blend of 3D/CGI and post production expertise
Tudor Watch featuring creative neon lighting and 3D visual effects for magazine cover
Carrera Watch under neon light effects, showcasing 3D/CGI services in magazine cover product visualisation
Six covers of Men’s Health Synchronised edition showcasing high-end watches and neon 3D visuals
Men’s Health magazine - special edition covers visual content creation agency UK
Tissot Watch on Magazine cover with blue colour neon - post production and 3D/CGI by Vibe