Jenny Jones Jewellery e-commerce platform design

Jewellery Brand E-Commerce Solution

Enhancing customer engagement through a bespoke digital experience.

Introducing the Enhanced Online Store for Jenny Jones Jewellery

Positioning Jenny Jones Jewellery with a robust e-commerce solution to complement the values of this established Manchester brand.

Our collaboration with Jenny Jones Jewellery focused on enhancing their digital sales platform to showcase their vintage and branded jewellery collection, thereby broadening their reach and revenue channels. The initiative aimed to complement the in-store experience with a mobile-first, omni-channel approach.

We delivered a website that not only captures the uniqueness of their products but also optimises the user experience, effectively converting visits into valuable sales.


Jenny Jones Jewellery


Strategic E-Commerce Development
Enhanced User Experience Design
Secure Payment Integration
Search Engine Optimisation
Continuous Performance Analytics
Jewellery Shop e-commerce website development, custom WooCommerce build
Manchester Based Jewellery Brand e-commerce website - UX/UI design, user journey and product listing
Product page design for Jenny Jones Jewellery - UX/UI design and purchase journey - API and Secure Payment Integrations
Product detail view of Jenny Jones Jewellery website - e-commerce design and enhanced UX

Blueprint for Digital Transformation & Strategic Engagement


The challenge was to digitise the traditional jewellery buying experience without losing the personal touch that high-end customers expect.

We addressed this by creating a platform that blends personalisation with the efficiency of online shopping, attracting a broader audience while retaining the personality of the store and the rich history behind the brand and its location.


Our strategy focused on enhancing user interaction and ensuring high conversion rates through a meticulously crafted UX and visual design.

Recognising the brand’s established clientele, while also targeting new demographics, we implemented a clear navigation system that guides users effortlessly from product discovery to purchase.

Browser view of Jewellery Brand shop pages, bespoke UX/UI design, custom build
Mobile-first design of Jenny Jones Jewellery website highlighting responsive e-commerce features

Building Online Presence: Enhanced Customer Experience & Measurable Impact


We developed a visually compelling and functionally seamless site, featuring interactive product displays and streamlined checkout processes.

Integrating real-time analytics allowed the brand to quickly adapt to market trends and customer behaviours, ensuring ongoing enhancements.


The revamped site significantly increased online traffic and sales, with an impressive uplift in customer engagement.

This enhanced digital presence has not only boosted direct revenues but also strengthened the brand’s market position, affirming its legacy in the digital era.

Campaign landing page for e-commerce consumer brand with advanced SEO and analytics integration