Visualising Network Connectivity

Creating clear and engaging network maps for The Loop's fibre-optic services.

Innovative Network Mapping Solutions

Enhancing digital engagement through stylised mapping.

We partnered with Gamma/The Loop to develop visual network maps that not only detail their extensive fibre-optic infrastructure but also serve as effective marketing tools. Our design transformed complex data into visually appealing, easy-to-understand graphics.

These maps, crafted with meticulous attention to colour, patterns, and icons, offer a streamlined user experience that facilitates understanding and promotes the infrastructure’s capabilities.


Gamma Telecom / The Loop


User Experience (UX) Design
User Interface (UI) Design
Digital Content Creation
Network map UX design for a leading connectivity company showcasing fibre-optic infrastructure


The Loop required a solution to represent their expansive network in a way that is both informative and engaging for potential clients and stakeholders.

The challenge was to synthesise detailed technical data into graphics that are intuitive and marketing-friendly, supporting both digital and print media.


Our strategy focused on developing a unique visual language for The Loop’s network maps, similar to stylised transit maps, which are known for their clarity and ease of use.

We concentrated on creating a user-friendly interface that simplifies the complex nature of fibre-optic networks, making it accessible and shareable across various digital platforms.

UI design for fibre-optic network map highlighting datacentre connectivity points in the connectivity industry
Digital content creation of network map patterns for an infrastructure connectivity company
Infographic illustration of a fibre-optic network, simplifying complex connectivity data


We designed a series of detailed maps using distinct colours, patterns, and icons to denote different network segments and services clearly.

The design was implemented with a focus on digital usability, ensuring that the maps are not only visually engaging but also function well on various devices and in different formats.

UX design of Manchester’s dark fibre network map for a leading connectivity provider, focusing on user-friendly presentation
UI design for UK-wide dark fibre network coverage map, detailing extensive connectivity infrastructure
Network connectivity UX/UI design for the UK, showcasing interactive maps on digital platforms for an infrastructure company