Pharma Website Design and Build

Redesigning a mobile-first website with a focus on user experience and sustainability.

Strong Digital Presence for an International Pharmaceutical Brand

Creating a user-centric, sustainable digital experience.

Ennogen, an international pharmaceutical and medical device company, required a complete website redesign ahead of a planned PR release. The project aimed to redefine colours, UX, and UI elements, ensuring a seamless user journey.

The focus was on building a mobile-first website designed for performance and to align with the company’s brand positioning, vision, and values. Bespoke page designs and interactive elements were used to showcase Ennogen's capabilities and growth strategy.




Website Redesign
UX and UI Redefinition
Custom WordPress Development
Mobile-First Design
Country-Specific Localisation
Homepage of Ennogen's new website focusing on user experience and sustainability in pharmaceuticals.

Redefining Digital Engagement


The brief called for a new website to support a planned PR release and align with Ennogen's values of sustainability and a human-centric approach.

The opportunity lay in redefining the digital presence to better showcase the brand's commitment to innovation, people, and the environment, while providing a user-friendly experience.


Vibe's strategy involved redefining the website's colour palette and UX/UI elements to ensure a consistent and engaging user journey. The site was designed to be mobile-first, focusing on performance and ease of use.

A custom WordPress solution with bespoke page designs was developed, integrating interactive elements and clear navigation to enhance user experience, support Ennogen’s growth strategy, and highlight the brand's strengths.

Detailed view of Ennogen's website menu overlay on a tablet, showcasing innovative web design.
Multiple mobile views of Ennogen's website highlighting responsive design and user interface.

Delivering a User-Centric Digital Experience


Vibe built a high-performance, user-centric website for Ennogen using a custom WordPress framework. Bespoke page designs and interactive elements provide a seamless user flow, while clear navigation ensures users can easily find relevant information.

The new website showcases Ennogen's brand and capabilities, emphasising their focus on sustainability and human values. The custom-built locations section allows for country-specific details in local languages, directing users to relevant authority information.


The redesigned website has significantly improved user engagement and satisfaction, reflecting Ennogen's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

With a user-centric design and enhanced performance, the new website supports Ennogen's mission to improve lives by being reliable and consistent, reinforcing their role as leaders in the pharmaceutical industry.

Tablet view of Ennogen's newly redesigned pharmaceutical website showcasing advanced UI/UX.
Dark blue tinted globe image used in Ennogen's branding to showcase their commitment to sustainability.
Team member of Ennogen featured in new brand style imagery with an orange filter, part of the digital agency's creative content.
Tablet displays of Ennogen's website pages featuring custom UI/UX design elements.