Packaging design & product visualisation

Concept & Innovation

As the process of design requires a combination of creativity and functionality there are certain visual requirements that need to be taken into consideration. Good design is objective and it always considers its purpose and audience. From concept, layout and graphic design to 3D visualisation and advertising, the appearance is the one that sustains the quality of the products. Our experience enables us to provide solutions for the multitude of situations required by any given campaign. Our work is designed to send a clear message that is able to reach the consumer trough the crowded/’noisy’ communications environment.

People are visual. Strong design assets have to work with the verbal communication in order to capture the attention of the buyer. There are a couple of factors that need to be considered: where is the right place for the product and how it will interact with the consumer. In every case the costumers simply need to love what they see. Remove the logo from any of the packaging on known/established brands leaving all the other visual design elements intact and most consumers would be able to identify them.


“Design is an important part of our world. We are surrounded by brands and advertising, products and packaging. What all of them have in common is this wonderful quality of usefulness presented in a beautiful way.”

Sandra Solomonea / Managing Director at Vibe Studio

We, at Vibe, know by heart the multitude of aspects of a great design campaign and that in order to attract the right audience, creative thinking, artistic skills, research and marketing strategy need to be involved. The companies that use our services can benefit from our expertise when planning a product development or a product launch campaign.

+ Design for packaging and retail.

In our journey, from concept to shelf we cover everything from shape and colour to retail branding and identity, POS and customer experience. What we do is meant to highlight the brand attributes and to influence the shopper into buying the experience. Our ambition is focused on the product benefits and on presenting them visually appealing and appropriate for the targeted market. We follow this approach on every brief, on single, multiple or multi-linguistic sku`s across the international FMCG market.


Whether we are starting from photography or from a CG image, we know that any product image needs to pass through the retouching process to be ready for the advertising world. Either faced with small touch-ups or big creative retouching projects we are confident to produce a flawless image. Our understanding of perspective, light sources and composition allowed us to work within a number of different fields like Beauty, FMCG, Fashion and Food.

CG images

When common photography techniques fail to achieve the desired results, or simply you face with the impossible situation, we turn to CGI. We are able to generate highly accurate visualisations created entirely in the ‘virtual space’. Using a variety of techniques, we are able to produce difficult visual elements such as fluids, smoke or organic surfaces compiled into scenes that denote the ‘perfect’ look, the hyper-realistic imagery to be used on all types of media.