Coffee Time

The representation of products in real-like environments is a great mean of keeping under control the overall appearance of architecture and interior design projects. There might be the case in which the 3D space solves problems such as props setup, consistency and high definition. It could also be a case of visualising a product that is not out of production yet.

The natural lighting techniques, attention to detail and the use of perfect composition, can make a 3d model to ‘catch life’. It gets to a point where the lines between CGI and photography become increasingly blurred. And the product visualised in 3D serves better the client than a highly retouched photograph.

CGI - Product Visualisation

3D Product Render

Note: It might not be all the time mentioned, but 3D images go through the same treatment of retouching as a photo would. However, the 3d render with high end retouching applied would go a step further.