Animation & Visual Experiences

Welcome to the LAB!

Here we create innovative sequences for advertising and film. We experiment and craft visual experiences in any space, on any screen. Our range of skill-sets provide a multitude of creative solutions, including concept design, pre-viz, 2D compositing, 3D/CG effects, animation, motion design, product visualisation for advertising and any combination of these services.


Our short animation shows the practicality of CG in the commercial environment. This approach makes a great tool when industrial products need to be presented in a advertisable manner. With beautiful ...

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Baby Room

Our baby room explores the visual possibilities of high fidelity rendering and lighting. The baby swing addresses the commercial applicability of 3D product visualisation on multiple fields. It provides flexibility for ...

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Sofa Animation

With the thought of improving the quality of urban space on everybody's mind, we decided to create a short interior design sofa animation. As a result, our motion displays the multifunctionality of the ...

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Coffee Time

The representation of products in real-like environments is a great mean of keeping under control the overall appearance of architecture and interior design projects. There might be the case in which ...

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