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Visual stories

Shaking up the creative industry by capturing real experiences through great 3D CGI, animation and VFX
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3D Product + Packshot

Photorealistic Visualisation
Technical Visualisation
Exploded Views / CGI
Product Configurators

Creative CG Content

Advertising Imagery / CGI
Web & Social Media Content

3D Animation

360° Motion
VFX + Post Production
Fabric, Fluid, Particles Simulations

Creative Retouching

Retouching & Compositing
Product Integration
3D/Video integration

3D Product + Packshot CGI

The way to think about the CGI process is to realise that it allows the exploration of design concepts, the showcase of new products and to have interactive experiences. The best of all is that it offers the freedom to present products in a perfect light across all media. In our hands its creative power is endless.

Under Armour tshirt CGI

Interactive & Creative Content

What we do is creating advertising content. With a strong experience and the capacity to produce highly realistic images and complex animations we get involved in all stages of production, from conceptual artwork, storyboard and pre- visualisation to final high end imagery.
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Animation & VFX

We bring to life ideas through animation and work across all the multimedia channels, from social media campaigns to online content for commercials.
We integrate CGI elements into video, using motion tracking while matching camera angles, depth of field and colour grading.