Know why packaging design matters

Know why packaging design matters

We all know how much appearance and eye-catching visuals can help you influence the purchasing decision of your consumers. The aspect of usability and functionality are also the bottom line of successful product marketing. Planning a results-driven marketing mix around your product should have at least three main reasons to make you think more about your product packaging design:

  • It justifies the price point of the product and transpires high quality
  • It creates value for the product by constructing a positive experience
  • It enhances the consumers perception of the brand

With all these in mind, how far can you go in trying to convert your brand message through packaging design?

If you read Seth Godin’s book, “Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable” you will find an analogy that shows it’s good to be different.

It goes something like this:

Imagine you’re driving down a long road and you spot a brown cow. Then you drive some more and spot another brown cow, then another and another, then you just don’t notice the brown cow. It’s part of the landscape. You keep driving and you spot a purple cow. You stop to take a selfie. Why? Because it’s different.

What does this mean for your business?

In a world where supermarkets are offering so many options for the same needs, most consumers end up ignoring the product or service advertised. To be able to catch someone’s attention you need to be different.

What if your consumers don’t need, want or can afford your product? What if they already have something that satisfies their needs? Would they still be buying from you as a brand? In today’s market place having a better product doesn’t cut it. What separates you is how different you are or are willing to be in order to get into the customers’ mind.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your USP through your design packaging.

Help consumers identify you as the purple cow.

3 Essential things you should know about packaging design:
1. Prioritise for great visual design
2. Target consumers the right way
3. Know why packaging design matters