Prioritise for great visual design

Prioritise for great visual design

Investing in a great packaging design will make your product stand out on the shelf. Out of hundreds of people passing by your product every day, the element of visibility has a primary importance in converting window shoppers into buyers.

It all comes down to creating that first visual impact that gets a potential customer to stop and make the buying choice.

Designing a great packaging for your product is the essential element that leads to more purchases. Product packaging visual appeal is therefore the first aspect you should consider in getting attention, but where do you start?

  • Know your niche market and surprise by minimalism in line with your brand;
  • Ask your team what is that defines your brand on the shelf and what would make them stop and feel the product;
  • Engage by having a brand-led packaging design. Use lines and colours that inspire trust and confidence in your product.

Remember that people buy from people, even if your product has to be on a shelf. Your packaging design should therefore transpire desire and a brand that can simply be understood by an appealing form, colour and message.

A packaging design in line with your brand will help you stay in the mind of the consumer, change perception, and optimise experience at whichever level of your product marketing strategy you may be.

3 Essential things you should know about packaging design:
1. Prioritise for great visual design
2. Target consumers the right way
3. Know why packaging design matters