Earth Friendly Baby Retail Environment

Leaflet Design Earth Friendly Baby

We were asked by Earth Friendly Baby to produce their point of sale displays for the merchants stores. Our job was to introduce the natural and organic baby toiletry range to the consumers in a creative, friendly and informative way. The successful suite of posters, shelf edge and wobblers helped in making this lovingly crafted products very appealing to their consumers.

Also as part of the project we photographed the toiletry products and placed them in a brochure with clean and beautiful design. Our idea was to use a mix of fresh colours and the brand’s distinctive butterflies on order to highlight the three yummy flavours of the range: calming lavender, soothing chamomile and happy mandarin. The friendly solution makes the bubble baths, shampoo and body lotions to stand out and maintain the recognisable brand identity.

A quick, efficient and always accurate design service that I have come to rely on. Would highly recommend

– Tom McCausland – Brand Manager

Shelf Edge Earth Friendly Baby

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Shelf Edge Design Earth Friendly Baby

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