Lansinoh Range Product Literature

Lansinoh Product Leaflet Design

Over the past year we have been working on designing and updating the product literature for the Lansinoh products range. The marketing team wanted to bring a different and a fresh approach to the user leaflets maintaining them in the same time professional and easy to use. The information was presented clearly, with essential content and advice for the correct use of the products in order to have the best result possible.

We keep our ideas fresh through the projects, whilst working on different formats and special die- cuts. The attention to details was crucial considering that the text was in over 21 languages, with special characters and illustrations. But it was not all technical and strict and we had the pleasure to bring to life some really creative and eye-catching cross selling adverts that were well suited for the products they represented.

Packaging Leaflet Cross Selling

Product Literature Design

Product Packaging Leaflet Design

Product Packaging Leaflet Design