Shnuggle Bath
Product Animation & launch campaign

We have been appointed by Shnuggle to create a short animation video for the online platforms at broadcast quality. The clip carried a great importance in the pre-launch campaign of the Shnuggle Bath. It was firstly presented at the Harrogate International Nursery Fair, the most important trade event for the mother and baby industry, that has taken place at the beginning of this year.

The unique features of the product have been shown in a mix of video and 3D animation with special effects, that communicates to the target audience the benefits of using the bath. Vibe’s involvement was in creating the storyboards as well as producing high fidelity product animation. The attention to details was crucial. We kept a close eye on lighting and proportions. The materials used, needed to be captured in a highly realistic manner to offer the consumer an accurate description of the product and its functionality.

Although the video has the purpose of presenting the Shnuggle Bath’s features, it is at the same time friendly and able to provide a great experience for the viewers. We decided to go an extra step by adding an appropriate soundtrack, edited to include water splashes and babies’ laughter that made the video all in all ideal for the target audience.

3d Product Visualisation Shnuggle

Shnuggle Product

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Shnuggle Bath Product Animation

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