A Drop of Honey

Honey Product & Packaging Design

We were thrilled that we had the chance to create this high-end luxury brand and product called Drop. On this unique occasion, we had the freedom of designing a contemporary packaging for honey with a minimalistic visual approach. The hexagonal shape of the bottle emulates the natural form of the honeycomb cell which makes it both ergonomic and easy to display.

The visual impact created by the unique design of the product is able to grab the consumer immediately. The special monochrome typography was designed to accommodate the brand evolution and anticipates the addition of new products to the range.

Drop of Honey Label and Logo Design

Drop distinguishes itself trough the constant pursuit of perfection. Our approach combines unmistakable creative sensibility with carefully selected materials and impeccable craftsmanship. The sense of volume and the love of harmony continues to be shared by those who express their talent.

Drop of Honey Product Packaging Design