Adrian Piticariu

Branding Agency Coat of Arms

Adrian came to us with a visual identity that was past its prime and not suited any more for the elegant work of art it needed to represent. Our solution was to move away from the typical modern logo by embracing the decorative patterns and combining them with symbols of the medieval culture. The coat of arms and monogram were carefully crafted through the stylisation of colours and the classical heraldic elements. By introducing the pattern, with the fleur-de-lis element, we helped sustain the strong visual impact of the concept. We re-evaluated the brand’s tone of voice, positioning a strong accent on personal identity and cultural importance, assimilated from and through Adrian’s art.

The strategic and graphic principles were then extended across advertising and literature materials, resulting in a fully integrated promotional campaign.

Branding Logo Pattern

Typography Branding Manual

Branding Manual Logo Wireframe

Adrian Piticariu Mosaic Art

Branding Manual

Adrian Piticariu Mosaic Work

Glass Fusion Logo Coat Of Arms

Coat of Arms Branding

Adrian Piticariu Mosaic Flower