Lansinoh mOmma
CGI & Product visualisation

3D Product Visualisation

We were commissioned by Lansinoh mOmma to generate visualisations for their baby feeding bottles. Obviously the ability to think in three dimensions was essential in order to showcase the unique elements of this wonderful new product.

The feeding bottle has a unique, round shape that is comfortable in mum and baby’s hands, and the rocking bottom option encourages free play and stimulates development. Working together with the marketing department, we were able to take the raw research data for the product and provide an accurate CGI visual. We were able to show exactly how the product will look on the retailers’ shelves – before the costly process of having a physical prototype manufactured.

In order to present the product in a photo-realistic way, we used advanced 3D modelling, lighting and rendering techniques. This approach provided us the possibility to section the feeding bottle and explode the elements, process in which photography could not be considered. Also the flow of milk and air system, distinctive characteristics of the Lansinoh mOmma bottle and teat, were highlighted on the pack to make them easy accessible to the consumer.

3D Product Visualisation Wireframe

3D Bottle Render Exploded View

Product Visualisation

3D Product Visuals Lansinoh